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Family Clinical Psychologist Specialise in providing psychological support for parents. Therapists (occupational, speech, physical) A number of different specialists can help optimise your babys neurological and physical development. Chaplain or spiritual representative A chaplains role is to help you use any spiritual resources that you.
Specialists Whether you knew early that your baby would be born early, or whether it happened all of a sudden, you will have a number of care providers looking after you and your preemie baby.
They will perform numerous procedures required in the NICU, such as intubation, placement of IVs, and lumbar punctures. Neonatal Fellow A neonatal fellow is medical professional in training to become a neonatologist.
You will likely get to know some of these people. These professionals work as part of a team of carers and will be working hard to make sure your preemie gets the best possible care.
Humanitarian missions with Philippines PAUNCH FOR HUMANITY MISSION. WITH Another Joy Wings of Love Missions. Iraq Wings of Love Philippines Wings of Love Mexico. Wings of Love Pakistan Wings of Love Afghanistan.
Visit our Facebook to view photos of our USA and international programs. Our mission is to deliver Joy and Hope to children in need. We kindly ask you to join our mission.
Medical Team The following section describes the roles of a number of medical professionals who will contribute to the care of your preemie. There will be a member of the medical team present in the NICU 24 hours a day.
There are a number of professionals that make up a team in a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU ). Some of these professionals you may have met before your birth, others during the birth, and some while youre in the NICU.
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